Comment: Here's how I might start my argument.

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Here's how I might start my argument.

Belief is intellectual assent. Beliefs are in solo intellectu

Faith or Understanding is in re

Beliefs are a product of the intellect. Understanding is real. As Parmenides said, "What cannot not be is real."

So whatever, my goal is to understand what is real.

The quests for beliefs are likely to draw us from the awareness of what is real. Belief is only an intellectual matter. In mathematics we can prove Fermat's Last Theorem using logical and intellectual tools.

The theorem is proven real, we can now understand the truth of the matter but our understanding need no be limited to strictly intellectual questions but one can be aware somehow, of moral, legal, and spiritual realities.

Sin is the slavery I cannot escape without God's help. To speak without anthropomorphic allusions, that without truth I am doomed to be a slave of my physiology, my psychology and history.

Flotsum and jetsom floating on the surface of a soul.

It's a long search but worth challenge for an man fit to seek grounding in reality.

Free includes debt-free!