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Sibel Edmonds' assertion is that from her 1st hand intel analyses and translations of highly classified data, from between 1996-2002, she can unequivocally state and prove that US Govt has been funding, grooming, arming various 'rebel' factions (including Al-qaeda) in a high stakes geopolitical chess game (at doorsteps of India vs. Pakistan, but really about leveraging anxiety vs. Russian and Chinese borders), which includes Chechnya.

Edmonds goes on to state that arms marked for US' NATO ally Turkey, were/are in fact HOW weapons get 'laundered' into Chechen rebel strongholds.

For those who may not be familiar, aside from Constantinople/Istanbul's legacy as the final leg, and its fortunate or unfortunate place in history as a major culprit for bringing Silk Road to its demise (ashes of Mongol Empire breakup, embargo, trade wars, and Crusades oh my! But who says history doesn't repeat? lol), Turkey has always been a hub for Europe-Africa, Mediterranean, MidEast, Central Asia, East-to-West trading routes, from arms, prostitution rings, to narcotics. So, being a member of NATO, and its cultural amalgam of diverse geopolitical movements, it has always served as a spook-central/clearing house of intel assets.

So guess history is simply repeating itself.

Now where the brothers and their family as a whole (as Wayne Madsen, the former NSA intel analyst posited), fit in?? Remains to be seen.

Predictions in due Time...

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