Comment: I believe in God and Maths

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I believe in God and Maths

I believe in God and Maths, both impossible to trace back to any completely explainable "origin" which would be kind enough to remain accessible to our minds - you really need two kinds of faith there, at some point (e.g., axiomatics in Maths). But I digress.

Beyond that, I find most of the rest around us very much subjective, matters of tastes, preferences, or subject to our senses, sometimes of animal instinct. Not very worthy, if at all, of firm "belief" or "faith".

Take liberty + peace and plunder + war for instance: same nature - two pairs of abstractions (yet, realizable in real world experiences, sure) - but very much opposite once they're put in practice, as experienced both by their users and, say, witnesses.

Some will prefer liberty + peace over plunder + war because they don't need plunder or coercion to survive, to sustain themselves.

Others will prefer plunder + war over liberty + peace because they don't feel they need to be either useful or self-reliant.

My .02

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