Comment: NY's CST was not the only team at the finish line.

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NY's CST was not the only team at the finish line.

More than just 5 men from NY's CST made their way to the finish line: "Those two personnel, along with similarly trained experts from the Massachusetts Army National Guard CST, were denied access to the scene by “law enforcement,”"

"“We did have members up there. Two members at first, and two additional members after the fact to provide communications … The 1st CST did a sweep earlier. My two personnel plus members of the 1st CST tried to move toward the scene but were turned away by law enforcement.”"

The 1st CST was not wearing ACUs, they were wearing the same uniforms as the 13th and 24th CSTs.

Pictures corroborating their move toward the finish line and showing what they were wearing:

Pictures of 1st CST members, compare with above photos for identification:

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