Comment: Fixing the criminal complaint:It's a State crime not Federal,etc

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Fixing the criminal complaint:It's a State crime not Federal,etc

Although he is now at least in the system and is not being called a "military combatant", so there is some improvement, there is no federal jurisdiction in this case, it's a State crime.

Likely, he will also be charged with State crimes, thereby giving the problem of double jeopardy. This has caused problems in the past, so charging him in two different jurisdictions should be dropped - and he should be charged in the State only, where the crimes were actually committed.

If you read the criminal complaint, you'll see the following things contrived:

"weapon of mass destruction", is nonsense.
"using it to destroy property" - all of which is in the State of Massachusetts, so not federal, is again nonsense.

Strike "territory (district) of Massachusetts" and put "State of Massachusetts" in for where it occurred.

Strike "United States of America" as plaintiff, and do not put "State of Massachusetts" in as plaintiff, but the actual murder victims, injury victims, and property victims of the bombing. Putting in a State as a plaintiff instead of the actual victims was one of the first corruptions to our legal system. States are not actual victims - and it is a violation of your rights to have accusers that you can not face.

Put in the lawyers of those representing the plaintiffs (aka prosecutors) and defendants if you will - which in this case currently is the public defender and public prosecutor - which can later be changed to private lawyers on either side, but be aware that having socialized public prosecutors is what originally caused this mess - they usurped their authority over the decades and a hundred years to end up having this mess, which resembles nothing as to what it was or should be.

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