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I was listening to AJ on 4/15, and I cringed actually when he kept on saying "it's Navy SEALs! it's Navy SEALs!" (can't recall exactly if he wondered that out loud on Monday April 15th, or asserted that days after)

Now, AJ wasn't actually saying that they were 100% SEALS for certain, but were likely and the fact that they were wearing Chris Kyle's group Craft International caps with Punisher-derived logo, and their gear, and demeanor certainly lent to the possibility that they were probably either SEALs, or other SPECOPS/SOF or former ones who were working as mercs.

So if one were listening when he was screaming that, in medias res, they wouldn't have heard him going through the process of wondering/thinking-outloud, and out of shorthand, just called the whole 'look' as "they're SEALS!"

That said, setting aside Austin Bulldog's fatigue from 2hrs of sleep after doing C2C and Opie & Anthony back to back, he could've simply said that they LOOK like former special forces types, like SEALs, and it would've cleared up the confusion.

Then again, to all gunnies, the 'Blackwater'-look is all too familiar, or to anyone who buys police/mil gear out of 5.11 tactical catalogs. So to be frank, the khaki cargo pants, polo shirt, and douchey-tacticool sunglasses and buzzcut is really not that uncommon among gunnies, both civilian and/or currently active military or off duty SWAT or even regular cops these days.

your linked WashTimes article, if the content of the interview turns out to be true, it does lend a bit more clarification. but that said, you've NEVER seen them on FBI propaganda press conferences, nor any mentions of them, aside from a few papers that covered the issue. well, at least I personally haven't seen them. Plus it's odd that those photos circulated around, went viral, yet both Craft International and CST refuse to go on the record as to why they were really there, that day.

My main key point of departure is always whether they were running drills that mirror the scenario or the content, or at the least something similar to how the actual 'terrorist' attack unfolded on days leading up to, or on that day.

And seeing as how the corporatist govt has exactly ZERO credibility with me, none of these questionable circumstances surrounding the bombing leads any rational, historically alert person from discounting either active false flag of LET it happen on purpose, or MADE it happen on purpose.

Now, granted even with all the post-9/11 DHS/DoD grants you don't really see NBC (nuke bio chem) or CST teams that often, even at large populous/high spectator-density events. so the fact that CST were there, even on purely 'consultancy' basis, for one thing, it's still Posse Commitatus violation (not that the statist tyrants care), and two, IMO, that CLEARLY signals foreknowledge.

And as anecdotal witness testimonies filtered in, many regulars to such events, and those who've particularly attended Boston Marathon regularly, it was clearly obvious to them the overabundance of presence of security, as asserted by this openly statist vet who worked K9 units in the past:

But of course, more question remain. If they were there, it'd be logical to presume that they had some foreknowledge, and the fact that drills were being conducted THAT day, doesn't help their case as to some complicity.

Now, after listening to AJ calmed down, Wayne Madsen deeper geopolitical assessment with CIA nexus and Boston as a hub of Chechen refugee activity, Sibel, and Joel Skousen, and my own personal assessment that they always intentionally design ops loosely, on purpose (sometimes to a level of perceived sloppiness precisely because it affords them more leeway to play audibles along the way; when an op is designed 'too tight,' any 'mistakes' seem more pronounced), I'm of the mind that FBI may have stepped into CIA's turf, either by accident or by intention.

if one studies past false flags, it becomes clear they almost always run multiple patsies, and fall back plans, so who knows how many times they shifted about. viewing MSM timeline realtime vs. AJ show, it is highly probable that AJ's Dan BiDondi effectively shutting down three press conferences in a row, could've actually influenced them calling audibles. The first culprit they were going to point to did seem like that disheveled scruffy dude who had his bag on his forearm, then the whole "Tea Party Jihadist" angle seems to have been staved off; literally it was the first 'terrorist' event in recent years that they WEREN'T able to pin point and lay the claims on a decisive 'guilty' party, minutes after the event.

For example, OBL was declared guilty ON 9/11. They had TWO full days to figure out where to lay the blame. Could they honestly have been caught completely off guard? Well, perhaps. Then it points to utter inefficacy of their 'precious' $100BILLION+ per year surveillance policestate apparatus now, don't it.

Either way, to me, it was another in a long line of "Govt Failure Days!" And the only thing that matters now is what rights are they going to use this event, to infringe upon next. Like how fast are the prospects of DHS MRAPs rolling up to my neighbor's cul de sac.

Well, if one were a resident of Watertown, MA, I'd say that day has long come and passed, already.

Is time nigh? LOL. Time to go double super-duper Galt??

lol. watch this space, my friend .D



as for the CST and the merc-looking dudes, this is what I wrote, earlier, on it:

they do look it, [was referring to a post that asserted they were mercenaries]

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While I admit, it's probably likely, as most people have no clue just what even half a platoon worth of SOF/SPECOPS/1st SFOD-D/DEVGRU crew can wreak havoc on any city (they can literally shut it down in less than 2minutes, and take out key personnel to cause mass confusion and make it SEEM like multiple simultaneous attacks), that said, I do 'get' that Alex Jones was tired from two hr sleep from staying up to do C2C & Opie & Anthony back to back, when he first said, 'hey these guys look like Chris Kyle's group (Craft Intn'l)! That 'Punisher'-logo looks exactly like his company logo! They must be his SEAL buddies or private mercs!' Then he started saying shorthand "Navy SEALs!" throughout yesterday's show.

That said, I believe he did mean to say former/current SEALS or SPECOPS or other SOF, off-duty SWAT or mercs and bound them for conversational shorthand. Because while it IS likely, from their posture, gaze, and demeanor, you really can't tell from pictures alone 100% to claim 'They're Navy SEALs! They're Navy SEALs!'

Besides NO DoD SPECOPS team running illegal Posse Commitatus violating op (oh right, they do that all the time, regardless, never mind) is gonna wear a team/unit patch/insignia.

Though, while OPSEC-moronic, it is entirely possible that the supposed Nat.Guard WMD team (as if there are actually any WMD without "Fort Detrick" imprinted all over it or FBI/DHS entrapment cases) were simply wearing Chris Kyle's Craft Internationl baseball cap in his honor.

But, the assertion that they were going around checking in person for NBC (nuke bio chem) is kinda ridiculous, given the availability and the Fed's tendency to show off corporatist funded sensor technology at large events as a beta-rollout or simple deployment without scrutiny; if anyone entered the Marathon with even a minute trace of medical-precedural radioactive isotopes, or even a set of Tritium smallarms sights, they'd have long detected it.

Hell, they pulled over a grandma after a medical procedure, around Lincoln tunnel right after 9/11 (can't recall if she was entering from NJ or leaving NY). I would know. I was there in NYC-metro when that news broke.

And, IF truly radioactive, you are not gonna walk around and approach it in your 5.11 cargo khakis, or your not-so-subtle 'I swear I'm not off duty Mil/LE' cap, cargo pants sartorial hilarity.

Also, I do 'get' what Alex means with 'he can tell these guys form a mile away:' If ANYONE has trained in reputable tactical or competition shooting schools, occasionally you bump into these guys at classes: sometimes in private classes/courses, but other times, they actually mix in with random 'civilian' classes just to see what the latest 'commercially' available stuff is.

It's no accident that most proficient manual of arms manipulation, stance, grips, speed/tac reloads, shooting on the move techniques ALL came from or utilized a highly evolved versions of, as practiced in competition shooting: ie. Leatham-Enos high thumbs forward grip, forward carbine support grip (though nothing 'new' as you can find old WWII pictures of soldiers doing it with TommyGuns), tight-elbows-in CQB-Tac.shooting stance/posture/grip, fancy one-handed reloads, etc. If you look at old NAVY SEAL PR videos, even their CQB techniques look straight out of old FBI vids (though chances are old UK SAS taught SEALS, and their techniques filtered throughout FBI/USMC at Quantico); it really wasn't until they saw what was going on in IPSC & IDPA circles, and now 3-Gun, did their technique modernize. Though now, since a lot of ex-military and SWAT compete, the chicken or the egg origin is really murky.

But that 'look' has been around since State Department hired private mercs to do their security detail.

I actually call it the "BlackWater"-look: the baseball cap, photographer 'tac' vests, khaki cargo pants, tan boots, stupid competition side cover Oakleys; to ANY gun guys, that 'look' screams 'he's got a gun! he's got a gun!'

Or, for that matter, anyone who orders out of 5.11 catalog.

But, it is true, if you've been around military types, you can instantly tell apart real 'operators' vs. the rest; they really don't scream 'I'm in the military!' They're almost scary 'cool.' But something in the eyes, you can almost sense that they can instantly go from Mr. Nice Guy, to 2inch neckblade in the carotid artery, then walk off and eat lunch.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul