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From the realization that I

From the realization that I believe in my self I have discovered that I believe in you. This is to say that I believe in humanity.

I believe in humanity because I hope for a righteous human awareness. Righteous human awareness cannot exist without the human being, so if I did not believe in humanity I would have no hope for human awareness.

Righteous human awareness depends upon a recognition of the laws which govern our human actions. These laws are not made by man, they are found by him; they are not created by man, they are discovered by him; they don't follow man, they precede him. The law which governs humanity is an extension of what is found within the self.

The law is found through an understanding of the self's human desires which, in turn, provides an impression regarding the desires of others. If it is joined with mutual respect, such an impression of, and care for, our fellow man will bring upon the potential for social harmony and sustainable prosperity.

As I find truth by looking into myself, I gain faith that others can find truth within themselves. I find truth in what I believe, hence my foundational belief: I believe in my self.