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He's a government troll

why are you feeding him? Nobody who actually thinks for themselves believes a word he says. IMHO I think he does a great job of making our case by showing how impossible it is to defend the "official story" which by the way was discounted by half of the people who actually WROTE IT.

Of course Eric will not respond to this specific fact and will only attempt to change the subject... if he would even respond at all. I've challenged him to debate me multiple times but this disinformation crap doesn't work if you're not able to take your time and think about your replies to logical questions.

Logical questions denote logical answers. Eric Hoffer is devoid of logic... but please don't anyone make the mistake of thinking he's stupid. He's got some vested interest in the war on terror - quite obviously. That's a large list of people who would be defending the "official story" because it's padding their war profiteering bank accounts.