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Comment: This nation has survived

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This nation has survived

saboteurs and terrorist during both World Wars without removing the protections of the Constitution, other than the cowardly and Eurocentric imprisonment of the Japanese citizens in this country. The safety of the population is not what this is about, rather it is a cold blooded grab at security for the so called elite, such as Bloomberg, when they finally come out and can no longer deny their agenda. We were shown just how many law enforcement personnel as well as citizenry will get caught up in the fervor of oppression during the test run just last week. It is they who will be in the vanguard of Bloomberg's army. My suggestion to anyone thinking to stand up to them is to have your affairs in order. They are ruthless as well as mindless and will gladly slaughter men, women and children while our fellow citizens are pointing us out to them.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.