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I've been a part of DP for over 5 years

and, I campaigned actively for Ron Paul,too. At the time of the first election I didn't know much about 9/11, and it just wasn't on the front-burner of things.

However, through a Dentist friend (a RP activist), I heard about Infowars. I heard about the question marks around 9/11, but my husband & I disregarded first.

She was never pushy at all. But, in time, my husband, who is an engineer for Big Oil, began to think about it after the 2007 primaries. The more he got into it, and the more he read, the more he started doing his own calculations about that infamous day. He is now one of the engineers for the

This was all because of our non-assuming friend who never pushed Infowars, yet was a big RP fan. So, before you go castigating aspersions at that website, I suggest you realize now, more than ever before, that his website is drawing traffic from ALL OVER THE WEB, not just a select little group of people.

So, I suggest you stop being negative and join in the fight for truth and how we can overcome this evil we see within our government. Either that, or skip over the comments about Infowars, skip the website. For me, I am open-minded, and I don't believe or buy anything or everything on any website, including DP. THAT, my friend, is what freedom of expression is about!