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End of story?

Oh, OK. So I guess that's the end of that topic.

Wait a second...

Your cackling aside, it's far more complicated than that. Ever heard of a "ceiling." It's what most political observers understood when it came to Ron Paul. It's the limit on his upward potential. It's those who would never vote for him. It's those who were so uncomfortable with his views that they would actively oppose him.

And one of the biggest reasons why that ceiling was lowered? The reputation of Paul (and his supporters) as fringe. That's the real Alex Jones legacy. Sure, a few folks got introduced to Ron Paul by Alex Jones. People get introduced to candidates a lot of ways. But millions more got permanently turned off by Paul's association to perceived wackjobs.

We fail to appreciate the threat of a low ceiling at our own peril. And by we I mean the folks who care about winning elections. I don't think too many AJ zealots really care about that. They'd sacrifice a Paul presidency (Ron or Rand) if it meant more people got to hear that chest-thumping loudmouth blather on about the NWO.