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GERRY SPENCE----where are you??

Gerry Spence, you are a most famed attorney! Where are you when we need you? You know that teen didn't commit those murders!

Yes, I know you're 84, but you could go out in a blaze of glory, if you took your final, most famous case.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, for the sake of this great country you served! You can see what evil factions within our government are doing to us! You can see the Martial Law being inflicted on us!!

Everyone, please write to Gerry Spence! Look him up on

Here is his website:

The Spence Law Firm, LLC
PO Box 548 • 15 South Jackson Street
Jackson, Wyoming 83001

Although we can call, it won't be as effective as a typed letter addressed to GERRY SPENCE. Please take the extra minute to type a letter & mail it to them pleaing for his last hurrah, his last most famous case ever to save our nation. This is bigger than the person. It's our country.