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Comment: Sorry that I wrote my

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Sorry that I wrote my

Sorry that I wrote my original reply to you before I searched the rest of the thread for your earlier comment. That was when I edited to delete me asking you to write about your thoughts.

Your earlier post says you are Roman Catholic, so now I understand why you would post links with Thomas Merton. I am not Catholic but have many close Catholic friends and was part of the Catholic student group for most of my college years. I was raised Pentecostal, and have attended mostly Baptist or independent charismatic churches as an adult, and have close friends who are Eastern Orthodox and mainline Protestant, too.

I understand why comments heavily relying on extensive bible quotes or simplistic cliches may be much more difficult for many people to relate to or even understand, if you can even get past the "language barrier". That's why I like to write things out logically, though I'm a bit too wordy.

But I also think that, with all the variety of Christian beliefs, practices, traditions, denominations, churches, languages, tastes, styles and iterations of meeting formats (and lack of formats) that are widely available in our country isn't there enough variety to find something for every person and need within Christianity? How can someone get any kind of answers outside of Christianity for some of the most basic human questions and still consider themselves any kind of Christian?