Comment: This picture has no more

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This picture has no more

This picture has no more proof than everyone's proof you intend to oppose. Did you take this photo? Can you attest to it not being photo shopped? This photo doesn't prove what he is standing on ie; Could be feet, could be medical device, or even a box.

Don't take me wrong I don't claim to have any answers or actual knowledge and am not pushing facts when I don't have first hand knowledge. Photos from the internet wouldn't be allowed in court unless they could be validated.

Way to many armchair detectives stating "facts" when they have unverified or circumstantial evidence. Nothing wrong with questioning the official story. If you are going to do so publicly without first hand verified knowledge keep in mind your actions have Consequences. In other words what if this was you, your son, your father, or family member and people are preaching they have proof that he is a traitor?