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What it means to me

Recognize that everyone is a human being with unique experiences and a unique, irreplaceable spirit. Every single person, no matter how depraved or foolish or apparently useless, is a child of God, who is loved by their Father in Heaven.

If I loved my enemies, knowing that they are children of God, I would feel very, very sad for them. These precious children of God are choosing to do things that degrade themselves, that are not worthy of themselves. I feel very sad when I know that these precious people are hurting themselves by hurting others. I would want them to make things right and change for the better, while respecting their agency to choose for themselves.

If I loved my enemy, I would forgive them for hurting me, even if they don't apologize or change their ways. Forgiveness would mean I not hate them, but hope that they change. It means I would not retaliate and try to hurt them back.

It also means trying to extend friendship and love to them. Giving cookies to the neighbor who gossips about you just because you know they had a hard day. It's amazing how powerful loving your enemies is: it changes hearts when they feel loved and understood.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine