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very astute, Josh, as always.


In my opinion it's the drill aspect of this that is the most important thread to pull, that's where the story will begin to unravel.

I'm leaning towards MIHOP on this one, I think it's likely the FBI was leading the bombers along like the '93 WTC bombing.

It is also possible that the bombers may have thought they were part of a drill.

I think those are the two most probable scenarios if this is a false flag.

it's like these a-holes think so little of us mere 'peons' they don't even bother to change their playbook.

Well, I suppose I DO agree with 'Ol Blue Dress Slick Willy on one thing: "they will continue to use it, as long as it still works."

He said that a few years into GWB regime when asked at an event's Q&A portion about 'Karl Roving' of the American political landscape (as if it's anything new).

But, really, the only thing I got out of that, as I watched with much bemusement, was the reality, the prospect of the sheer ubiquity of the naive, gullible, historically and geopolitically-imbecilic liberals who actually seriously deluded that Dems have 'never' done what Karl Roves of the world were doing in politics.

In fact, it feels like a repeat under oBUSHma: Dems simply want to be LIED to better, with more slickness and subtlety. The continuation and expansion of GWB warcrimes and domestic policestate by oBUSHma, is literally the same exact Clinton playbook/history repeating: Wag-the-Dog Balkans (politically convenient, timed drone bombings you never hear about, and do hear about), ATF-Ruby Ridge/Waco/OKC/Omnibus Crime bill (Sandy Hook and AWB 2.0), FEMA (GWB and Katrina), UN land sell-off (UNA21 continuing), Chinese weapons import ring (ATF Fast & Furious). But do they care? Or, even know?

Cliched, but true: they're literally acting like a woman stuck in an abusive relationship; she knows her man's cheatin' on her, perhaps 'even beats me 'cause he loves me,' but doesn't want the illusion of 'hopelessly in love'-destroyed, so she rationalizes the different perfume, odd hours, the occasional wavy red hair on stuck on his dress shirt, etc.

Because in the end, like a slave, the prospect of truly being independent scares her, more than being remain stuck in an abusive socially hierarchic structure. Like all insecure psychological prisons of the mind, there's always an element of simple guilt: she cannot face up to the fact that she was 'stupid' enough to pick the wrong person: leaving the relationship means admitting that she was wrong, period. Or worse, repeatedly attracting the same type of guy, means admitting that there may be something fundamentally 'wrong' with her, as a person.

That, in the end, is what it has always been about: admitting 'guilt.' Whatever insecure form that takes, or comes in.

Sad, that people are willing to let others murder people, and continue to actively support them, to solely emotively satiate a 'grander idea' in the abstract (whatever that larger than life idea that makes one feel good to be part of, depending on at what epoch in history)

I give you Exhibit A): the simple act of denial of personal guilt, like this gay fella Adam Kokesh interviewed at WhiteHouse fence:

** The Dude is, basically like,, Gay Marriage is like way more important than not murdering people, and if it makes same-sex marriage possible, I can live with voting for oBUSHma! Wee!

Seriously, if anyone wondered why nothing works politically in the aggregate, please observe the above depicted species #13494910093: Homo Erectus Civilis Morionis Noscere Dissonus Perpetua.

yes, indeed-y!

It's a sick human phenomena, really. Hell, doubt we'll ever see the day that a wolf in the wild would ever stick to an abusive relationship, out of simple guilt. LOL.

In some sense, the Aurora Shooting/Sandy Hook/Boston Marathon, like 9/11, one can go crazy trying to dispute or analyze every aspect of it.

I think I went through about a full-on 24/7 two weeks of it, when 9/11 happened. I was across from NYC watching it over from Weehawken/Hoboken, NJ side; if you've never known what a burnt flesh smelled like, you whiffed plenty that day. For those who know what that smelled like before the event, the 'smell of death' was unmistakable. But watching WTC 7, my gut told me the obvious, in that afternoon. I knew despite all its bluster, the American populace have been so dumbed down, I knew a visible policestate was blossoming right before my eyes. All the details of the event aside, that has always been my focus: what will they use this event TO DO?

Well, if one follows history, the answers obvious: whatever they can get away with, and whatever level of tyranny the moron sheeple populace are willing to accept. about feeling lonely, knowing that the global trend in 'westernized' nations would follow America's 'lead.' There's no 'escape' as if the tyranny don't get stopped in its tracks here, one's deluding him/herself if they think places like New Zealand or Chile would offer them some reprieve.

Then, observing the large geopolitical movements, at the end of the day, Rovians and NeoCons were committing so many crimes per sec, every day, it almost becomes pointless to go 'gotcha, ya bastards!'

The same is true then, as now, under oBUSHma regime.

They certainly don't care, and the feckless political structure will NEVER go after one of their own.

So, it always falls on the people to simply become self-aware and informed, and realize who these people are and what they do, what their modus operandi is.

It's like I know they're bad, deeply should I find out they're baddie, bad, bad, bad?

I've long determined that for me personally, the political process is fruitless, not to say that I see no value in the political platform to amplify good ideas, as Dr. Paul has. But he, being the old sagacious soul, too must have told himself, and long decided in his youth that politics as a medium, if used to attain power, will NEVER change anything, only spreading good ideas is what politics as a tool should serve, NOT dictate.

So I was frankly never saddened by the 2008 or 2012 results, it served exactly the purpose. I never felt 'betrayed' as the likes of Adam Kokeshes of the world so publicly blurted out, which frankly exposed his own demons more to me than any 'shortcomings' of RP. Adam literally acted like he never looked up to RP as some abstract, distant father figure, and felt personally deserved an answer from him, after the Randpocalypse.

Be that as it may, I frankly marveled at how throughout, RP never lost sight of his place in the world and politics in its proper context, despite most of us always secretly hoping for a miracle. As he's publicly stated, if he thought he could changed the world in one election cycle, one term in Congress, one would go nuts; his Law of 'low expectations' is as good as it gets!

Frankly, the prospect of ANYONE who is just, winning an election legitimately is in question, as long as we continue to have blackbox voting.

but back to the current geopolitical drama unfolding via possible false question is, well... since when ISN'T it a false flag? LOL.

Like the abused woman in my previous example, I continue to marvel at the sheer level and length and duration of the lies that people are willing to put up with, from the same bureaucratic players!

It's like, seriously, as I asked repeatedly here, WHEN does the 'brand' government/corporatists ever gonna become synonymous with a sociopathic guild of assaulters, kidnappers, abusers, pedophiles, rapists, torturers, and murderers?

Like, how many times is one willing to give the 'benefit of the doubt' to a bunch of killers?

Mind blown, eh?

The sickest holding pattern is, those of us who are 'awake,' know the Ruling Class has long crossed the Rubicon, and are actively pushing the populace to a brink.

What that proverbial 'spark' will be? The one that will set off a chain reaction of status quo societal collapse? Yikes. I shudder to think.

Because we ain't Europe, or Asia...

Plenty of people know who the 'baddies' are, once SHTF and TEOTWAWKI comes, a lot of people are willing to play Tony Soprano would say, "I'm gonna have me some satisfaction."

What can one do, but get one's own affairs in order, prep and continue to thrive on one's own with his/her own purpose, and watch the slow moving Titanic and the interplay of the sociopathic controlfreak nerd guilds and their willful gullible prey of sheeple destroy each other, hoping to pick up the pieces from their ashes??

Yeah, it's tiresome watching history you've only read about play out in realtime, with serious daily reality to global geopolitical implications... why can't life be boring? LOLOLOL.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul