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Just remember

There is a whole country full of people who believe you are a conspiracy theorist for believing the MSM is owned by the same people that own Washington and have sucked the wealth out of the economy utilizing a corrupt banking system. Just remember that the term petrodollar is a virtual unknown even amongst those who viciously attack George W. for going to war to avenge Daddy. Just remember that the CFR does exist, and its honorary life time chairman is David Rockefeller. Just remember that the two parties platforms conveniently split, not on any philosophical lines but in a way that poses the most threat to our liberty. And just remember that when you bring this up, you get ridiculed and scorned or just looked at like you're crazy. I'm with you. Enough is enough with this bombing incident, but I also know why people on this site are doing everything they can to expose a very corrupt system. Even if it undermines their own credibility.