Comment: People are forgetting ...

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People are forgetting ...

... there was an election 5 months ago. We all know Ron Paul was screwed by the Republicans in that election. That was the primary focus as it should have been. There were great discussions about politics and liberty, as there should always be on a website like this.

Then, 4 months ago, there was a mass murder in Sandy Hook. Last week, there was a mass murder in Boston.

It is only natural we would talk about these two events. A person would have to be an absolute FOOL not to consider the FBI as prime suspect #1 in such attacks when they have been exposed time and time again -- even admitting themselves -- they THEY have been behind MOST of the so-called "domestic terrorist" incidents.

Combine that with the all-too-smooth transition from tragedy to tyrannical legislation by the tyrant class and a person would have to be brain dead not to ask a lot of questions.

When people ask a lot of questions but those who have answers refuse to even acknowledge such questions, then it raises more questions.

Yes, we all want to talk about peace, liberty, and politics. Understanding what the hell is going on in our world, as it might possibly relate to those topics, would be legitimate topics of conversation.

If we don't see any more of these types of attacks for the next year or two, we will probably all be focused on similar issues that we were focused on in 2012.