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I posted this before on the Daily Paul and figured it would work for a response. And Dr. Paul never gets "baited" by Alex or anyone else for that matter.


I'd like to try and put to rest (or at least change some minds) the idea that many "conspiracy" DP'ers are nuts, are ruining the Liberty the movement, and that "stuff" doesn't belong on the Daily Paul

There are many you tube videos that will show Dr. Paul himself talking about the mega banks, bilderbergs, trilateral commission, FEMA camps, election fraud, media/corporation/governmemt in bed together etc..

If you fwd this video to 15:12 , Ron Paul himself explains who is in control and who doesn't want to see him elected. He mentions bankers, big corporations, big media, military industrial complex, election fraud, special interest etc..

So, if this site is dedicated to Ron Paul, and Dr. Paul himself talks about such things as mega banks in control etc, then those topics are almost mandatory to explore on this site. Even if Alex Jones and others annoy you, if their topics are in line with what Dr. Paul is saying, then as far as i'm concerned, it's legit on this site.

At least that's my opinion.

Try this if the above link did not work.