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They do NOT have conclusive evidence. Why?

Because the teen is innocent, imho. And, if I were him, I would rather fight for my innocence in court than to go to prison, or certain death. I would rather the truth came out. I would rather people know what really happened in their, or his older brother's relationship with the FBI.

This young man has nothing to lose now...

He's not getting off. A powerful regime is against him. He must know that now...His ATTORNEYS need to let him look at Infowars & DP websites, to print out articles for him to read.

And, maybe his COURAGE will embolden his family to rally around him, including his Aunt, once again. Why would a 19 year old want a life in prison in Gitmo, only to be tortured and spit on the rest of his life. To me, life wouldn't be worth living. GOD wants him to TELL THE TRUTH, even if he loses.

The FBI wanted the death penalty. They want to kill him, one way or another, but this time, they may have overstepped their bounds...