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Comment: The Daily Paul has turned into Infowars

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The Daily Paul has turned into Infowars

Infowars occasionally has a good story or two, but a lot of disinfo. This site has had a lot more "conspiracy" stuff lately. But lets understand, at the core of the Ron Paul movement has always been a lack of faith, dare I say a distrust of the American government. This is no secret, anyone with half a brain distrusts the American government and it's increasingly fascist policies. To be honest, I'm happy with the direction the DP has taken... I don't like GLP, I don't like Above Top Secret. I'm not a neocon. I am not a racist. I agree with the things Ron Paul stands for, that's why I'm here. And lets be honest, while Ron Paul doesn't go on TV and say that he thinks the government is up to mischief on a level of Sandy Hook or Boston... he has opened up my mind enough to consider the possibility that our government will harm its own people to advance an agenda.