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A bit overwhelming

Yes, I agree that the conspiracy issues have become a bit overwhelming, but DPers being who they are, will discuss, among other things, whatever is current and relevant in their lives at the time. Recall that back at Easter there was a lot of talk about religion, and many got upset with that. So a "religion forum" was set up. I checked out the religion forum and it doesn't seem to be a beehive of activity. So I assume that as we got farther from Easter, the emphasis on religion waned. The same will probably hold true for these Boston bombings.

I read a lot of the conspiracy articles, because the theorists ask some very interesting questions, and I have lost most of my trust in the government and the political parties, to just dismiss the conspiracy viewpoints offhand. I am a bit concerned, as are some others, as to how all this conspiracy talk appears in the eyes of newcomers searching for a foothold on liberty issues. I've been a DPer for over a year, but lurked here for quite awhile before joining in on the discussions. I feel that I'm fairly firmly rooted in knowing what the Constitution is about (thanks in a large part to this site), and I really think that we have lost our focus on that. Perhaps the only solution is a spin-off website that states up front that its discussions are to be focused on liberty issues (or conspiracy issues). The DP is the DP... I don't think it's going to change much, and I'm not sure that I really want it to change at all.