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That does not compute.

"Use your own fricking brain not just some morons close minded view."

You say that, then you just regurgitate what we've all heard the TV report.

"Boston bombing, it happened, they got them, charge them and get it over with."

No warrants were issued for arrests. No judge found reasonable cause so they sent in the Imperial Stormtroopers to joyride through the city, disturbing the peace and forcing entry at their pleasure violating and destroying property.

Does getting over it with mean prosecuting those guilty of criminal behavior?

Or does getting it over with mean abandoning the Rule of Law for the Fog of War?

Two hundred and Thirty-six years ago Bostonians rejected the Fog of War in favor of the Rule of Law and defended their Personal Property Rights.

The eyes of the world are on Boston yet again. Much is at stake.

We sing about the Land of the brave and the home of the free. Why?

Free includes debt-free!