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You seriously don't know what

You seriously don't know what it is in reference to. Lets say that we(you and I) are neighbours, and we each utilize an underground aquifer-beneath both of our properties- for our water consumption. The water is under both of our land; do you have the right to drain the aquifer?

Nestle is actually draining lake Michigan via contract they got via the government. Nestle has already lowered Lake Michigan by 2 inches in a few years. Do they have the right to do this; or worse, completely drain the lake?

T. Boone Pickens bought 63k acres in Texas over part of an aquifer -which is not only beneath his property but also beneath other people's properties as well. Does he have the right to drain the aquifer? He has plans to do it, because water is becoming the new gold.

This is what the water issue is about.

Because water is a fluid it is not relegated to a set location. If some of the water is moved from the aquifer, then water from under somebody else's land moves to fill that now vacant spot. Does the person with the largest pump -aka the person with the most money- have the right to take all of the water, even when it is not solely beneath his/her property?