Comment: I'm a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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I'm a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

and the law in this Commonwealth is that water is a resource completely owned by all residents of the state. No one can claim ownership of the water, only the property under it or around it. This means that if you wish to press the issue and hover over a private pond you can lower a bucket into it and retrieve water as long as you don't trespass upon the physical property. No entity is allowed to charge for water, only for the cost of packaging, treating and transporting it to your domicile or store.
There have been instances that have found their way into our courts where property owners which controlled both sides of a river sought to deny access to anyone other than individuals who held membership to their private clubs. A precedent was pulled from the past that if a body of water was ever used as a navigable water way in a commercial manner then those water ways were open to the public due to the water being Commonwealth (ie the peoples) property. In this particular instance the river had been used for commerce in the past for floating logs down to a mill. You can walk down the river from the high water mark to high water mark on either side but not set foot above.

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