Comment: Much of the endless posting

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Much of the endless posting

Much of the endless posting about the details of events like the Boston bombing and Sandy Hook is just mental masturbation. It serves no productive purpose. It doesn't help you in your life, it doesn't help other people in their lives, and it doesn't further any causes. Yes, we KNOW there's BS going on all over the place. That goes without saying. That's mostly why I'm embarrassed to read this site. Not because of what people believe, but because people choose to waste their time posting this BS instead of real topics that matter. It's like reading a forum full of people posting about what color the dust is on their keyboards. It's not even fun. It's like they can't control themselves and have to do it, even though they don't enjoy it. They put all their time into focusing on how evil people are, as if the specifics of how evil they are needs to be hashed out again, instead of focusing on solutions and taking small steps to help further the solutions.

The people who can't stop posting about conspiracies are no better than the MSM endlessly going over this crap from a different perspective. It's a time waster, and that's it.

And it's as if they're naive enough to think that at some point by collecting information on their computer they will gather so much evidence that it will all "blow up" and everyone will have to admit it was a government op, the President will be impeached, and people will go to prison.