Comment: I was watching it in real time ...

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I was watching it in real time ...

... because I'm a daytrader, and it was pretty crazy, but not insanely crazy.

The market had a spike down and I thought maybe the Federal Reserve had come out with some unannounced news because that's about the only time those types of moves occur.

Then I saw it was false AP tweet. Market bounced right back to where it was. I'm glad I had gotten short just before that happened. I'd be pissed if I had been long and gotten stopped out. Here I thought I was a genius as the market tanked when it was just a fake hack on AP. LOL

Of course, the person who did it is an a**hole, but an organization like Associated Press should sure as hell have a secure password. Duh!

Keep in mind too, that SEC has recently said that companies can start using Twitter to issue public announcements on material information, rather than traditional channels of the various business news wires. Umm ... bad idea, I'm thinking.