Comment: do i want logical

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do i want logical

do i want logical discussions, yeah, do i care to hear unproved opinions stated as fact, not so much

do i want them to stop......what right do i have, if at that point, their not harming anyone

i read, i write, i listen, and hopefully learn, if someone writes something i dont necessarily agree with, thats fine, if its something thats asking for a face palm, i dont up the post nor do i down, i quickly skim the posts to see if their is an opinion that is in line with my own, and upvote, thats it, if there is not, i press that X mark up there somewhere and be done with it

when there is someone exibiting troll like behaviour, ive been known to kneejerk, rarely though, depends on whats said,

i put conspiracy theorists in the palm face category, MIND YOU, NOT ALL, not a blanket sweep, it entirely depends on the theorists, if ron was never a congressman, whats the chances he'd be called a conspiracy theorists......i like ron paul, because i like his style, the way he thinks, the way he presents them then lets you decide what to think of it, that regard will go to any conspiracy theorists who show the same,

Anyway, in this long winded post, i apologize, my point is, liberty will be there for the grabbing, the getting along part, thats all us,