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That's awesone. Is the pressure and flow constant?

Founded in 1926, Arbor Springs Water Company is a leading bottled water delivery company in the greater Southeastern Michigan area.

Their water is also very pleasant tasting.

The capacity to produce 100-5 gallon bottles a day.
1 - Gallon Artesian Water
$5.20 / Case of 4

5 - Gallon Artesian Water
$5.75 / Bottle

Half a mortgage payment a day, that'd tempt me.

ULINE has a case of 48 Milk Jugs for $.99ea.

A couple of pallets in the S-10 truck bed, some shrink rap and I'm off.

500 gal/day. 50% loss. 250 days/yr. 60,000 gallons/year.

Production cost: Jugs $60,000.oo
Pumping $.01/100gal $6.oo

$.10/gallon profit = $6,000 per year.

I look for things that make me money. I'm one a hill, but harvesting this wind isn't technologically feasible.

Free includes debt-free!