Comment: The plan has worked nicely, to go by

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The plan has worked nicely, to go by

circumstances listed at the bottom of the article. As mentioned elsewhere (the post "In case you can't tell we are in Stage 3..." w/the interview of the former KGB agent), see former Congressman Curtis Bowers' film AGENDA: Grinding America Down. It's about the decades-old socialist/communist agenda to bring America down from within - to be accomplished by undermining the culture, religion, and character of Americans, fostering moral decay, taking over the education system... I don't necessarily agree with all the views of those interviewed, but the film is well worth seeing.

Actually, I imagine it's working even better than planned, given the deleterious environmental & health issues that no doubt have been caused by pesticides used since WWII and the switch from sugar to (GMO) corn syrup.

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