Comment: This is exactly the crap I am talking about.

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This is exactly the crap I am talking about.

You never argue with the actual points that are made. Rather you label them a conspiracy theorist, insist that since they don't have any proof the government-backed theory must be right (ignoring the total lack of proof there).

Things need to be investigated and talked about when they happen. This was true during the election too. If you're noticing more talk of possible conspiracies now it's more likely because of the major uptick in disasters and/or conspiracies of late.

In most cases, the media will not allow all of the information out, which only fuels the fire for trying to find out what really happened. This is the world we live in. Wake up.

People are always going to discuss current events, and some people are always going to draw crazy conclusions and you could just debunk those fairly easily by pointing out WHY they are crazy, but instead you just lump them together with THEORIES, full stop. Then someone has some valid evidence or questions, and you dismiss it just as you did with the crazy theory.

Quit combatting against the abstract idea of a "conspiracy theory". They do happen, that is a fact, if you deny it, you're actually a crazy person. If you see a theory that you think is nuts, disprove it. If it's so nuts, it really won't be that difficult. Then no one will take it seriously. But if you just go around to everyone who posts any kind of theory whatsoever that does not line up 100% with what the government says, then no one's going to take you seriously.