Comment: okay so I can photo shop a

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okay so I can photo shop a

okay so I can photo shop a photo to oppose your opinion and that makes it so if it can't be proven to be shopped?

Alex Jones shows all kinds of photos with stories attached does that make it true? Fox news shows photos does that make everything true? Two people can look at the same photo and see two different things. Alex could look at the above photo and say the people on either side are holding him up! One person see's someone as relaxed another sees them in shock.

We had photos of WMD in Iraq, we had people in high offices telling us we had to stop them. Did it make it true?

To a point you are defending those you oppose by requiring such a low "burden of proof". As long as they have a photo it is gospel. The internet is full of good information and has dangerously bad information along side of it. It's best to keep from forming an iron clad opinion unless you have first hand knowledge. Leave a little room for the unexpected.