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This is about as CLEAR AS MUD---

It's very difficult to see these images. Heck, they could be from any night on the streets of south central L.A.

Also, one thing that is very suspect. I work for the Sheriff's Dpt., and I can tell you there is NO WAY that the younger one would have escaped. That would have been extremely difficult. They would have corded off an area and found him. I found this unbelievable, or their police/FBI, etc. are the most inept ever, one or the other.

So, perhaps they let him go for other reasons. ONe thing is for sure. The local police are just following orders. You have to ask yourself one question.

How did Tamerlan, who was HANDCUFFED behind his back & in the nude, be seen entering a police car, then, the next minute he's shot dead in the street. The man was defenseless at that point. And, I have NO doubt that man was him in the photo we've seen. Look at the biceps of the arms & legs. They are the spitting image of Tamerlan.