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Comment: Confirmed Identity of the Men in Black and Khaki

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Confirmed Identity of the Men in Black and Khaki

They are in fact members of the National Guard's 1st, 13th, and 24th Civil Support Teams:

They are not mercenaries and there is no evidence to suggest they planted any bombs.

Claims that one of the men was wearing a backpack before the blast and that it was missing after are based on a cropped version of a photograph taken after the blast.

The photograph was taken 1 minute and 57 seconds after the first explosion, and clearly the man on the right can be seen with his backpack:

Besides the aftermath of the explosion being clearly visible, the marathon timer shows 4:11:40

The first explosion occurred at 4:09:43 as can be seen here:

Those using a cropped version of the photo, claiming it was taken before the explosion, are either being intentionally dishonest or are unwittingly spreading disinformation.

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