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Comment: The real function of Rand, the Tea Party, Limbaugh and Beck

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The real function of Rand, the Tea Party, Limbaugh and Beck

In the beginning of the revival of Conservatism, under Gingrich in Congress and Rush Limbaugh in media, it was greatly libertarian in its economic message, and we were all allies. Bush Sr. had stepped on his lip about taxes. The first war in Iraq had seemed unnecessary, ill-advised and of course a very bad precedent to we libertarians, but we didn't have a litmus test for who would assume operation of the Republican Liberty Caucus concession we had started.
Unfortunately we soon found ourselves shoved aside from advisory leadership roles. As somewhat pacifist types, we suddenly found the committees infected with agents incompetente rather than agents provocateur. This leadership seemed to marginalize the organization by being lazy, spending every dime that came in on projects that facilitated self-promotion, and other wastes and omissions. Those who demanded transparency and accountability in the finances were purged. Other leaders followed who appeared to be caretakers rather than radical activists bent on fighting the gathering thunderheads of statism under Democratic leadership and GOP complicity.
I handed off the chair of the Texas chapter to a trusted friend from high school who just happened to be the state senator who had gotten concealed carry legalized, Jerry Patterson. He was a Vietnam veteran, Marine pilot, and currently the twice-reelected Land Commissioner of Texas (he'll run for Lieutenant Governor in 2014). The Texas chapter developed itself independently of the national leadership, and now the former Texas chair who took over from Jerry, Dave Nalle, is the National Chair of the RLC.
Over the last couple of years the group has become more vocally antiwar than before. We will see just how much at the upcoming. National Convention in Austin, May 10-12.
I say all this to provide a reflection of opinion about the relentless fearmongering and warmongering amongst what we hoped would be the best minds in the Republican Party. It is lethal. It has already toppled the GOP. It is fatal to the Constitution and to Liberty, and that is now obvious to even the most devoted Sigmoidist.* Nor has even our contingent developed an approach to attract sensible antiwar progressives, many of whom surprisingly showed up for Ron in the primaries, as we older activists thought they might.
It's generally known that Ron's first Boston Tea Party Day Money Bomb started the Tea Party movement, although it quickly became quite corrupted with neocons and mainstream Republican operatives. It was the kind of parade you want to jump in front of, if you are a devoted opportunist. Along with Rand's version of libertarian realism, Limbaugh and Beck, these are all reflections of the same mindset that initiated the still unproven idea that Liberty can be protected and defended by the members and the influence of this party. Lacking Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, we must hold the Rand Paul contingent dear, and indeed he is leading in early presidential straw polls.
Rand is a rallying point, imperfect as a libertarian he might be, but we can't expect Rothbardian purity, although I'm getting tired of waiting. But he can serve as a bridge between the movement and disgraced neocon-worshippers like Limbaugh and Beck, who seem to be trying to turn themselves into neo-libertarians, or at least neo-TeaPartiers. These people are still our ugly cousins and friends, just as my relatives who have slowly come to understand what this thing is that I have devoted my life to, which is so contrary to the kind of Sovietism that condones torture, drones, Guantanamo, changes its rules in the middle of a convention and disowns what could have been the winning margin.
Liberty requires a radical mindset to understand and defend effectively. Many Tea Partiers think they are cutting-edge intellectuals and responsible defenders of liberty, but they remain nationalistic and jingoist dupes as long as they fail to grok the war racket. Rand can help them with that, although he gets dangerously close to the bed himself. He may have had to make some kind of deal as the only way to have a place to speak.
Rand provided an outstanding reading list on the floor of the Senate during the filibuster. His dad has written plenty, and everything the newby activist needs to know is referenced there.
The new GOP rules are brutal. Show up from the beginning and try to win each and every precinct for Rand's or Ron's viewpoint. If it becomes obvious we will not be allowed to win, and we know they will not win legally, we should loudly bolt and start the non-violent but nevertheless serious revolution, for real. Those of us who know how to get things on the ballot may be called upon again to fight that incredibly difficult war, but with money it could theoretically still be done. I'm 66 and I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in living under slavery or seeing my grandchildren do so. Or, intention of doing so.

* Sigmoidist, a person who seems intent upon doing his own visual inspection of the Sigmoid area (lower colon).

"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Parker