Comment: Great points. +1 I hope Nystrom is reading

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Great points. +1 I hope Nystrom is reading

I don't agree that the Boston Bombing victims were actors (the ones that actually got injured by the blast), however, a different point of view is no reason to restrict the 1st amendment. That's actually why I come to the DP and Infowars: different views of the story.

Sorry Nystrom. I didn't agree with most of what Liberty_first and others were saying, but again, you shouldn't have banned them IF they were just presenting a different opinion. And if they violated other DP rules not related to the 1st amendment, by all means...

Can't lie: I hope people like Fishy and Jefferson don't leave because of your decesion and I know they support the shit out of this website with more than their thoughts....

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.