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You might want to get that checked out

Multiple Personality Disorder can be a problem.

You can make up all the acronyms you want. To the movement you're a CANCER, and to the population at large you're a JOKE.

All the OP asked is that we focus on the issues where we agree, and stop trying to make this site and this movement something it's not. You can be a Jones fan, a Cowboys fan, or an Insane Clown Posse fan. But this isn't an ICP forum, a sports chat, or a conspiracy site.

The fallacious rationalizations (e.g., "Ron Paul has gone on AJ's show," "My fringe issue is the only one that matters," "TROOF!") don't make the Alex Jones hijacking any more legitimate. It just proves you're not willing to listen and not interested in the welfare of this movement.

No one is telling you what to be, trying to censor you, or telling you you're wrong. But that's not good enough for you. You have to hijack this movement and smear it with your side interests. If your superhero investigative skills don't show you that your hijacking hurts our movement, then you're an idiot. Either that, or you're an imposter and you don't care about liberty (or don't care about it as much as you care about Alex Jones).