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Comment: Let's use this as a reference point SIERRAHPBT, and give it 90..

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Let's use this as a reference point SIERRAHPBT, and give it 90..

I'm of the opinion, and I could be wrong, that individual investor demand and the physical supply will be back in sync within 90 days. There is a backlog of orders for the round and bar makers. That we know. Has anyone checked with the smelters? My guess is they are running full bore right now in order to catch up with demand.
Another big factor is the amount of gold GLD has unloaded lately, with another 7+ tons today. Sure, you can say all that gold is going to China, or it's just paying off a paper promise, but we really don't know. What we do know is the lower price has overwhelmed the physical coin and bar market. It is highly likely the manufacturing process just needs to catch up. We will know in 90 days if there is an actual shortage of raw material, or if it's just a manufacturing delay.
I will wager you one, one ounce silver coin of your choice, minimum .999, that all the coin dealer backlog will be worked out of the system, there will be no delay for orders, and premiums will be back to normal in 90 days.
If you accept and I lose, I will mail you one 2011 Fiji Taku.

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