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Comment: On What Basis Do You Make That Point?

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On What Basis Do You Make That Point?

That it's so overpriced? Personally I think it's under-priced and my logic (who I have to give all credit to Peter Schiff for) is that Bernanke is printing $85 billion per month to buy up treasuries and mortgages. Eventually inflation will heat up. If interest rates aren't raised and money continues to be printed there will be a mad rush out of the USD. Keep in mind tha the Fed certainly doesn't want to raise interest rates because it will cause the government to default on its obligations and banks to become insolvent due to falling bond/mortgage prices (of which they hold plenty of each). Countries like China and Japan have over $1 trillion each of our debt. So they'll likely buy up everything not chained to the ground, causing inflation to skyrocket even more. Essentially the USD could very possibly go worthless.