Comment: It's clear Matt Drudge only

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It's clear Matt Drudge only

It's clear Matt Drudge only cares about headlines and billion-visit months; Nothing else.

Stop Reading Headlines. Watch the video with a sober head. There's nothing inconsistent about what he said or the positions he has held.

It seems to me that many people commenting and upset about Rands statement are upset about something in the air guided from the ground, as if that technology alone is what makes it moral or immoral. It's a very odd position to take.

Here's the difference.

Anwar was not in the act of carrying out terrorist attacks. There was not even an attempt to apprehend him. The Boston bomer was in the act, had multiple bombs, was being chased, and had killed a police office. If that's the case, where you are being attacked, you start looking and using technology to catch the bomber. No, you don't start spying on everyone -- the thermal imaging drone was only sent there AFTER a citizen said that he believed the bomber was on his private property and in his boat.

That's the difference.

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