Comment: Oh come on! He said nothing of a "Drone Strike"

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Oh come on! He said nothing of a "Drone Strike"

You people clean out your ears and listen to the video again. He said he has no problem with a drone in a tracking type situation when there is a robber suspect who just held up a liquor store and the police are in hot pursuit. Not any different than we would use a helicopter today. He said noting about using the drones for striking anyone. And, in fact he stressed trial by jury can give us the fairest outcome in criminal cases and specifically he was adamant about not flying drones over people's property to spy on them. Dropping bombs on American's using drones was completely out of the question. And if you saw his filibuster you might just figure that one out.

He obviously views drones as a tool much like we see guns as a tool. But he doesn't advocate MISUSE of that tool that would interfere with our constitutional rights.