Comment: At least he slipped up in a way that impresses Republican types

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At least he slipped up in a way that impresses Republican types

(and I don't even think it was a big slip to begin with. I understood what he meant and didn't think much about it until the hoo-haw and just thought it was a bad example that wasn't explained enough).

Mainstream Republicans tend to be much more enthusiastic about justice. I am actually surprise at the immense support Rand is getting on the various mainstream news sources in response to attacks. The obvious liberal/progressive people commenting are basically circlejerking about how it's just one more thing they use to smear Rand. Libertarians are split on the issue and are basically cannibalizing each other (as they tend to do).

Let's be real here. If Rand has any shot at winning the Republican nomination he has to impress Republicans. There is a rather large percentage of the voting population (20% or so) who will never vote for Rand or any other Republican under any circumstances. There are also many libertarians who have already made up their mind and will jeer with these liberals. The politically active libertarians should not be that concerned about this demographic.

If Rand can secure the GOP nomination in 2016 I am confident that he will defeat any Democrat no matter how many progressives/libertarians hate him.