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Inspiring post, thanks

re: points 1, 2, and 3:

These echo my thoughts exactly. Very eloquently stated.

I cringe when I see the divisions erupt on here that have roots in collectivist thinking. The irony makes me nauseous.

"It's the foolish 'The Alex Jones Supporters' that are bringing us down!"

Oh. So anyone who ever posts an article from Infowars or supports one in a thread IS EXACTLY THE SAME as all the other fools who post articles from Infowars or supports one in a thread.

And they are a unified, destabilizing force that are destroying liberty.


"YOU 'Rand Paul Supporters' are diluting the purity of the 'Ron Paul Movement' with your heresies and statism! YOU ALL might as well be communists! Meet us in the parking lot after school if you have the balls! Cowards!"

Wow. That is *really* clear thinking! I'm glad there are wise, level headed experts in libertarian theory and practice to guide us in recognizing the clear and imminent threat from the GROUP THAT IS UNDERMINING US.

C'mon people. One of the reasons I love this site is because the overall level of intelligence, open mindedness, and love of individualism, truth and liberty is among the best I've ever seen anywhere.

I get really disgusted and bummed out when I see the same collectivist thinking and mob psychology that is destroying our country reflected on this board.

So please people .. don't be stupid.