Comment: There was no missile dammit!

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There was no missile dammit!

Do this:

1. Locate the three raw videos of the explosion
2. Locate at bird's eye view of the fertilizer plant on Google Maps
3. Pinpoint the locations of the two camera filming locations
4. On the site plan, notice the tanks surrounding the building
5. In the videos, notice the camera is fixated on the structure fire
6. Evaluate the aftermath photos of the plant after the explosion
7. The flash coming in from outside the video frame is consistent with the location of the tank that blew up. The heat from the structure fire heated up the tanks and they exploded first, outside the frame of camera.
8. Watch the videos of the explosion in real time, with your eyes closed to hear the non-existent hissing sound...I didn't hear anything on the raw videos.
9. Think about how a missile detonates after impact and it doesn't level surrounding buildings, 50-100 yards away
10. It's my opinion that there is no evidence at this time to support anything other than an accident.

1st View Source:
2nd View Source:
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3rd View Source:
All three angles into one video:

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