Comment: what Rand??? I don't want

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what Rand??? I don't want

what Rand??? I don't want drones anywhere on American soil. You never could hijack or control them. Humans should be in charge...not robots. He has waaay too much faith in government when it is politically opportunistic.

Just how many times has the US military missed their target overseas with drones strikes killing civilians...woman and children even...people at wedding even. What makes people think that our government would be more careful here?

Even if there were a pursuit going on, people's 4th amendments rights should still be upheld. Don't sacrifice liberty for security...or you shall surely lose them both.

So which is it Rand? Should people get a jury trial on close encounter with a drone?---I swear, this guy just loves playing the political game more and more.

And another thing...we liberty lovers should not be changing our message to conveniently try and sway the golf-club, ol' boy Republicans...we should be ideologically consistent, firm on respecting natural born rights and understand the threat the police state is to our freedom.

- Brennan