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Through a series of odd events I found myself pleasantly surprised to be in Ventura watching this guy preform this evening. I do believe it was you who posted him a few pgs back yes? I remember hearing about him at sxsw 2012, but never saw him then. I feel like he might have been born in the wrong decade or century but I found him to be quite grounding considering things got a little psychadelic and weird for a few days over here. I do believe I left a random slew of comments down there that prove my point (I didn't make any sense that night). So who is next? I will wait patiently.

Oh, and back there somewhere I said something about them needing more exposure and posted a shovels and rope video. I meant to post these guys, my codes and jam sessions were confused that night, some nights you should just stay off the internet, my other jam session was not impressed with me either that night (they were much harsher than you guys so thanks for bearing with me), I didn't understand why you lol'd until I watched the videos, then i lol'd also. Southeast Engine is who i meant to post they have been around long enough, but I don't think they get enough props at least not here or in the midwest or when I was in AZ a couple months ago, I don't know what goes on over there in pennslytucky.