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Comment: This is an excellent example of ridiculous conspiracy crying

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This is an excellent example of ridiculous conspiracy crying

The author didn't just say [blank] happened and [blank] was the motivation.

The writer grasped for any plausible explanation and circumstantial evidence he could think of. Monsanto. Anniversary of Oklahoma City. A scheduled hospital drill. FEMA. Then he did irrelevant character smears. Then he tried to bring up Obama's foreign policy.

The only evidence he presented was to put an amateur recording of a massive explosion that happened in a fraction of a fraction of a second in slow motion!

This is a pathetic, sensational and desperate attempt to prove a conspiracy theory no matter how far-fetched. If people read this and STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE SO SICK OF THIS CRYING WOLF AND CHICKEN LITTLE ALARMISM then you are paranoid and delusional.

This is not finding truth. This is not seeking answers. This isn't even asking remotely intelligent questions. It is just freaking ridiculous.