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Comment: Yes I Can Think of One Way

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Yes I Can Think of One Way

Get rid of government entirely. Stop sanctioning them. Don't vote, and don't pay attention to them, whenever and where ever possible. In little ways, which will lead to big ways. Ignore them, laugh at them, do not take them seriously, and question the premise of their authority over you at every possible juncture, whenever it does not jeopardize your life or property. They are all but Barney Fifes - self-important gas bags.

Abolish the tyranny of democracy.

Pay them no mind, and go about your business with but one central credo - the principle of non-aggression, that is, never initiate the use of force or fraud. To do otherwise makes you an immoral man, and entitles you to all the government terrorism you deserve to get.

Make them feel as important in your life as they ought to be - not at all.