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Comment: It IS ridiculous!

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It IS ridiculous!

I mean, they are punks, so it is good that at least one is dead, right? And never mind that the second one was photographed getting out of the boat basically unharmed and now he is in hospital near death, making it pretty obvious that once in custody, the cops nearly killed him. He was a PUNK. Who cares how they died, or that they did not get a trial where all evidence could be reviewed by a jury of the peers, that shit is for PUSSIES! If you see a punk, KILL HIM.
You know who else needs to die? Old people. They are wasting my precious oxygen, and they are all crippled up and living on Social Security. OLD PUNKS, that is what they are. If you see one, drone one.
While I am thinking about it, I realize your plan is pure genius. We can get our rights back overnight if we just start killing anyone who disagrees with us. Once we get rid of all the punks, THEN we can have a free and just society...

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