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The hubbub created by Rand's above statements only goes to show the basic evil in all people's hearts and our movement is no different, people were so quick to throw him under the bus at any misstep or unclear statement. Unless those who are so willing to go off half cocked get themselves under control I can't see how we'll ever make a real difference in American politics. Spinning and twisting statements is the MSM's job, not ours, we're supposed to keep a level head and think through things.

As many people have said before, even if a guy like Rand gets into the oval office, the amount of good he'll be able to do will be minimal, but at least we'd be going in the right direction. Our other option is to continue to suffer under our current administration and keep on complaining and complaining and whining and whining and never winning. The choice is not utopia or hell. The choice is this America, or a better America. A libertarian in the white house will not change our country into a utopia over night and no utopia exists, but it would do us all a lot of good. So lets work toward it without coming apart at the seems every time someone in a suit speaks from the rotunda.